1. They ask people on the street about the private clubs

confused.touristTourists seem to consider it quite normal to approach random Spanish people in the street and ask them if they know any cannabis club in the area. Even if they know a place they will not tell you the location as the concept of privacy is one of the main characteristics of the social cannabis clubs. Nobody want to share their privacy.
This would seem to suggest that the average tourist is under the miss guided impression that every Spanish person is deeply familiar with every cannabis club in Barcelona and probably constantly stoned. This is not true (and if it were the passive smoking alone would keep the whole country high all the time).

2. They go directly at the clubs door without a recommendation

This was one of the main reasons why the authorities start to shoot down the associations in Spain, tourism. New members were accepted without having any friends inside or someone to invite them so they become to be more like Amsterdam’s coffee-shops loosing the concept of privacy.
When an actual member wants to bring a friend inside the association, a gathering of the board members has the approve the new member before he is getting registered inside the club. So not everyone is accepted to be a member.
So in this days after many clubs were closed the registration is not that easy. So don’t just show off at the clubs trying to obtain a membership. They will ask you directly if you have an invitation or you have to go with a person that is already a member.

3. Getting fooled by street promoters

After the clubs appeared and theyTeenagers passing drugs become more famous between the marijuana smokers worldwide the black market from the city center of Barcelona disappeared. All the dealers that were doing their job day by day for more then 10 years on the Las Ramblas now they remained without jobs because everyone was looking for a cannabis social club were you can choose your favorite strain and see the exact quantity and quality.
So they didn’t leave Barcelona, instead they adapted to the new market demand. The same people stay now in the same spots on the street but with a different product “coffeeshop”, “cannabis club”, “legal marijuana”. But, because the clubs that they respect the law and themselves will never work with this type of people that do illegal promotion on the streets, probably following them you will end up in the worst club you could get or even worse to get robbed. Be careful!

4. Using the word BUYno.buy

A very important think to know is that cannabis in this association is not sold, everyone who is a member contribute for the association and they take their share. So don’t use the words “buy” or “sell” in the association or referring to it, like most tourists do, you will get correct aggressively.

5. Taking too much
One of the biggest mistakes cannabis social club visitors make is taking too much of whatever they’ve chosen. A little goes a long way. Contribute for small quantities. For example, if you’re with a group of three, you don’t need to take three bags and three joints all in one place. These cannabis products are likely much more intense than others you’ve tried; and if you’ve never tried them before, you should certainly start off slowly! People who over-contribute end up wasting money, dumping leftovers in a trash can on the way to the airport. Plus that the law in Spain dosen’t allow the transport of marijuana.


6. Smoking everywhere

The Spanish marijuana laws may be relaxed compared to those in many other countries, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that means you can smoke wherever and whenever you like. Lighting up in the public areas, in the streets or terraces (I’ve seen it happen many times!) is not acceptable. And if a local doesn’t walk over and tell you to stop, the police might instead. You have been warned! Consumption of marijuana in Spain is only legal in your privacy of your home or inside the cannabis clubs.

7. They think is free to get inside

All the clubs ask for a contribution in order to benefit from their facitily. Regulary this can be from 20 to 40 Euro for one year membership. To be part of the club gives you certain facilities like smoking inside without being forced to consume anything, offers you a safe the place to chill along with you friends and play all tipe of games that the clubs provide from board games to pool tables and playstation. All of the members contribute for this in equal part, the membership fee that is only once.