According to a study carried out by Berkley Medical School, cannabis stimulates creative drive by increasing activity in the frontal lobe of your brain, which triggers artistic and innovative thought. More specifically, sativa-dominant strains are known to provide cannabis users with peppy, energetic highs that inspire them to write, sing, paint and create.

Current creativity research has discovered common neurological occurrences that are associated with high human creativity. One such occurrence is increased activity of the frontal lobe. According to Alice Flaherty from the Department of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, “When subjects with high and low creativity are compared, the former have both higher baseline frontal lobe activity and greater frontal increase while performing creative tasks.” Frontal lobe activity generates creative output in two ways.

First, it stimulates creative drive. Flaherty’s research found that deep brain stimulation near the nucleus accumbens correlates to an increase in creativity. The nucleus accumbens is a collection of neurons located on the outer parts of the forebrain which plays an important role in reward, pleasure, laughter, addiction, and rhythmic timing for musicians. The output neurons of the nucleus accumbens project to the prefrontal cortex of the frontal lobe, thereby establishing a connection between these two parts of the brain. Flaherty points out that this connection, coupled with the nucleus accumbens’ role in the limbic generation of drives, helps explain the generation of creative drive via frontal lobe activity.
Second, the frontal lobe serves as the headquarters for creative divergent thinking. As pointed out by creativity researcher Crystal Gibson of Vanderbilt University. Divergent thinking provides the foundation for creative production as it entails the ability of an individual to think of solutions without being limited by strict conceptual boundaries, thereby allowing one to think outside the box. It is a type of thinking characterized by making connections between ideas that would otherwise be left unconnected.
Considering this, marijuana may promote creativity as it increases frontal lobe activity, primarily by increasing cerebral blood flow (CBF) to this area.

Within every person there is a wealth of creativity. You have a passion in your gut that you need to get out but don’t know how. What better way to let the creative juices start to flow than with the help of cannabis! It has often been stated that cannabis opens the mind to free flowing thoughts and can help bring your creativity to a forefront! Here are some of the best inspiration-inducing sativa strains that might make you unleash your inner Dali!

AK 47

This type of weed is a bit counter-intuitive. It will sure make your head go boom though! This strain is mellow but long lasting and uplifting all at the same time. Often referred to as the “One Hit Wonder”, you’ll be left ploughing through creative projects with its motivating high.


DNA Genetics developed Chocolope by crossing Chocolate Thai with Cannalope. The hefty sativa buds give earthy, sweet coffee flavours that provide a dreamy, cerebral effect. Chocolope is your morning or dessert coffee and smoke rolled into one mocha-flavoured blunt.
An incredibly smooth high, the energetic and uplifting nature makes it a perfect complement to those keen to explore the limits of the kitchen.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is an earthy cross between Thai and Jamaican strains with a sweet, fruity smell broken up by hints of spice. It provides a rich, pungent smoke. As the name implies, the strain will leave you feeling giggly, so humour writers will enjoy smoking Laughing Buddha most while writing. Writers in other genres, however, will likely only need it for brainstorming.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is an unhybridised 100% sativa, , featuring only the best genetics. Originating in South Africa it proclaims a unique taste, somewhat like liquorice or aniseed. Being predominantly sativa, this strain will put your head in the clouds and allow your mind to entertain a various assortment of ideas. You will feel your creative power start to breakout and soon you will be left with a wonderful masterpiece! Despite being unique in flavour it brings a high we all know and love, perfect for smoking throughout the day with a THC content of between 8-9%. One of the best strains if you’re looking for something to smoke before playing the guitar or painting.

Jack Herer

Jack was widely known in the marijuana community and was instrumental in creating some of the most sought after strains. Once again being sativa dominant, this marijuana strain will be felt mostly in your head. It’s an all around winner in my opinion as it is 70% Sativa, and 30% indica and is the perfect aid for artists and musicians.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a Sativa dominant strain which is known for making people who smoke it more talkative and social. It also has a body high effect which is relaxing while the mind stays clear and alert. For this reason it is often used to treat ADD/ADHD as well as anxiety issues. I found it to be great for creative pursuits as it won’t lock you too much in your own thoughts, relaxing you enough to just let things flow, but is also a mind explosion.

Green Crack

Green Crack is a fantastic strain which can almost be too strong at times. Definitely for the more experienced smokers I found it to be a very psychedelic high which aided well in the divergent thinking necessary to create.  The name of the strain comes from its high which tends to be very intense and energetic. Great for focus, but not as social of a smoke as OG Kush.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, or Sour D, is an invigorating sativa named after its pungent, diesel-like aroma. This fast-acting strain delivers energizing, dreamy cerebral effects that have pushed Sour Diesel to legendary status. Many writers, musicians, and artists use Sour D to push beyond the walls of creative blocks, and it can have the same effect on you, if you’re over 18 and living in the right place.