Dank Grass Club: breath-taking urban- style space with a touch of underground chic.

By: Valeria Taggart

Dank Grass Club is a modern Social Cannabis Club situated close to Marina metro station. We have visited the
place to provide up-to-date information and share our experience with our readers.

Competitive advantages:
– Big reception
– 2 floors
– Fresh air
– Design and warm atmosphere


The first thing that hits the eye is a huge reception area capable to comprise big crowds of
The previous experience shows that 90% of the Associations do not equip the reception area
with the air conditioner and the small size of the reception makes the process of registration
uncomfortable. Dank Grass provides enough space for the new members to be registered. Moreover,
there is a possibility to leave your bicycle at the reception.

The smoking area

Smoking area is divided into two floors. When you enter the smoking area you find yourself on
the beautiful wooden stairs. First thing that we noticed was the great size of the area. High
ceilings and projector on the wall bring the illusion of open air space.

Windows with wrought iron grating remind about the cosy Central perk café from the popular
American TV show “Friends”.

In the daytime the light comes from the windows making the place bright and comfortable for
co-working. Cup of tea, strong Wi-Fi and friendly staff makes Dank perfect place to come and
work with a laptop.

At night the Dank Grass becomes a chill zone with nice music and friendly environment. It is a perfect
place to meet with friends, play table games, listen to the music, chat and smoke a joint.

Neon signs, DJ booth, music instruments and various other designer ideas make place unique
and attract interesting and creative people. Here you can meet businessmen, students,
writers, skaters and models sitting all together and enjoying time. People from all over the
world come to share the experience and to find new friends.
The place is equipped with all necessary to arrange various events like language exchange
classes, DJ sets and presentations.

It is very important that the air-conditioning system is maintained in a proper way so that the
air stays fresh and there is no smoke in the room! We all know how unpleasant it is when your
clothes smell weed and you have to take a bus or talk to people!

Underground zone
The standing customers of Dank Grass know that the club has a “secret” stairs to get to the
underground floor. This area is darker, quieter and provides more privacy. What is more, it is
possible to play table tennis and poker there.

Cosy chairs and subdued lighting create the atmosphere of peace, privacy and tranquillity.

The huge variety of medical and recreational weed is available at Dank Grass Club. When you come to the
bartender you do not know where to look first. Extracts, BHO, about 10 sorts of hash, more
than 15 types of weed and some Californian stuff for the picky and experienced clients. All
stuff has perfect quality and you can choose between various types of sativa, indica and

The clean and perfectly organized bar counter makes the process of choosing pleasant and
interesting. You can smell the sorts, ask the budtender about its’ characteristics and effects
and have a really great experience.

They have CBD weed, CBD oil and creams, THC syrup and many other great edibles.


The clients of the club can use various equipment for smoking for free. Feel free to ask the
budtender about all the services that the association provides.

The huge spaces allows Dank Grass to have a second bar where snacks and drinks are served. This is a
very functional decision because helps to avoid crowds. You will not have to wait 10’15
minutes to get a cup of coffee and all the clients can spend more time choosing weed and
talking to budtender.
Our verdict: come to Dank Grass Club and enjoy time at a modern, clean, creative club with interesting
people and warm atmosphere. We strongly recommend this club to those who just have come
to Barcelona as it provides great experience and visual pleasure.