Can you smoke weed on the street ?
No, you can’t it is illegal. And if the police smells you it doesn’t help telling you acquired the cannabis at the club, they will give you a fine and take your weed.

Can i take weed for my friends that are not register?
Many people do take the weed out of the club but first you should know that transporting and dealing cannabis is illegal in Spain so i am not recomending.

Do i have to pay monthly the membership or when i return in the city?
You only contribute first time when you register with 20 euros and during an year you can come back as many times you want.

Can i take the weed now or i have to wait 15 days?
Yes you can take the herbs in the day you become a member. The law didn’t change yet.

Can i grow my own weed?
Yes, being part of the association you can have two plants home.

Can you get medicinal marijuana in Barcelona?
Yes we can put you in contact with persons that produce CBD pills or medicinal wax and creams.

What is the variety of strains in the clubs?
All the clubs that we work with offer 12 or more different strains split evenly into sativas, hybrids and indicas and only cups winners.

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