It’s no great secret that clubs do not offer refunds if their guests have a less than adequate night. This means paying entry for clubs can be akin to gambling – it costs you money and there are no guarantees of it being worth your while. But that doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality – here at WeedBarcelona, we want you to get the best bang for your buck, so get ready to dance the night away at the best free entry clubs in Barcelona.


Atmosphere: Opium is that kind of night club where you can drink and dance all night long and it’s never too much.
Best music and atmosphere, best DJ’s and selected customers.
I warmly recommended it for a night with your partner or with your friends, for sure it will be a good one. The venue boasts a huge beach terrace, classy but unpretentious vibes, and young beautiful people from all around the world.

Music: Some of the most famous international DJs are used to play in Opium Barcelona. David Guetta, Tiesto, Avicii and Armin van Buuren regularly pass through this venue every summer, helping Opium build a brand as one of the best night clubs in Barcelona for EDM lovers.

Dress code: Opium Barcelona does not allow any athletic attire or sneakers in their club and the men are expected to wear a dress shirt and shoes.

Prices: If you are on the guest list, access is free before 2 am on most nights. Another thing is what you spend inside the club, as a drink can cost you up to €17.



Atmosphere: Shôko is located on the beachfront and is the ideal location for those in search of Barcelona beachside glamour. The nights in Shôko are famous for their originality and themed parties. From the fine, Asian inspired décor with a modern twist, you will find its essence in every detail.

Music: Regarding the music style, Shôko offers hip-hop, RnB and EDM nights. The club has received top-notch international artists such as Kaaris, Lil Wayne, Quintino, Borgeous and many more.

Dress code: Even though the atmosphere is glam, you can come dressed relaxed. We suggest smart clubwear!

Prices: Free entrance and diner till 22:15 on Sundays with TILL YOU DROP guest list and FREE entrance till 1:00 almost any day of the week. Drinks are around 14 Euro.

Otto Zutz

Atmosphere: Otto Zutz is a very modern and original nightclub situated in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood, in the high zone of Barcelona since 1985. It’s a bold, modern club that breaks the standards of the rest of the Barcelonian nightclubs, creating a venue that transcends the minds of the crowd.

Music: Every night spins hip-hop, RnB, commercial and house hits at the hands of local resident DJs.

Dress code: is typically relaxed but it is always best to wear collared shirt / jeans / dress shoes for guys. Avoid anything that can be considered sportswear (track jackets, jerseys, sneakers, hats, etc).

Prices: With the TILL YOU DROP guest list, you have open bar till 1:30 and free entrance till 2 am.

Contact us for the days of the week.


City Hall

It mainly offers electronic music at its main parties, like Deeptuesday (Tuesdays), B Club (Thursdays) or its own curatorship as CityHall (Saturdays).

Atmosphere: Its classic theatre interior design with red velvet curtains, high ceilings and rigging decorations is preserved, all combined with an exceptional lighting and sound system.

Music: CityHall is established with two main proposals. One, facing the tourist public with remember music and hits and the other, facing the fans of electronic music with some of the most current techno and minimal big-room proposals.

Dress Code: There’s no dress code, so it’s the ideal place to go wild.

Prices: Say TILL YOU DROP at the entrance and you’ll get not only free entrance but access to OPEN BAR you can drink all till 1:30 Saturday night! And free entrance also in the other days of the week till 2 am. And weekend till 2.30am



Atmosphere: one of the fashion clubs in the city of Barcelona with 25 years open to the public. This nightclub is one of the most frequented by young people and university students of the city. Age is usually around +18 and +25 and on Thursdays the best university parties in Barcelona meet at Twenties Barcelona.

Music: Hits, Reggaeton and R&B music is danced and heard, around beautiful people who make this nightclub a classic in the nights of Barcelona. You can enjoy it every week from Thursday to Saturday

Dress Code: Smart/Elegant

Prices: Say TILL YOU DROP at the entrance and you’ll get free entrance before 2am Thursday and Saturday.



Atmosphere:Pacha is described as an “exclusive and elegant” club with a great vibe, creating an unimaginable atmosphere. Pacha has three different areas where guests come to party

Music: The main dancefloor is inside playing house and electronic music, the Red Room is inside playing traditional Spanish party music Pachangueo, and the Terrace outside, just steps from the beach, is home to hip-hop and r&b. Pacha specializes in its atmosphere that attracts a wide variety of people who listen to all different kinds of music. 

Dress Code: Smart/Elegant

Prices: Say TILL YOU DROP at the entrance and you’ll get not only free entrance before 1am or 1.30am depending day.

For any more info keep in touch with tillyoudropguestlist on instagram.