At the edge of Gracia neighborhood we found one of the largest associations in Barcelona, Green World, the newest association in the Sticky Green family. Same quality, new club. A fresh green environment inspired from nature is filling the walls. This is one of those places outside of the main tourist trap zone where you can spend a whole afternoon in chillin and laughing.

First floor is designed for the game lovers heaving a foots-ball and a pool table plus few couches.

At the second floor you can find the bar and a very large room with couches and a fairytale decor with cascades and green leaves. The association is filled with artwork and plants, overall very cosy.

The dispensary is very intimate having a professionally look with an office where you can sit down and discuss about the strains available and what you are looking for.

A full equipped DJ both and a stage in front of it show that some nice live events and good music it’s also played for the members of Green World.

Super friendly workers, decent prices and a cosy vibe makes this the perfect place to hang out for locals and students living in Gracia.

The bathroom is in the forest…


Please note that this information is provided to give you an idea about the cannabis clubs in Barcelona and should not be considered to promote the use of cannabis.