GreenAge Barcelona is one of the oldest Cannabis clubs in Barcelona, but this is not the only thing they
can be proud of. Without any doubt, we can say that GreenAge is one of the most creative, innovative
and inspiring projects in Barcelona and the whole of Spain.

What makes GreenAge different from the first sight is its spacious feel and gorgeous interior. When you
enter the club, first you get completely speechless with amazement.
The space organization is, mildly speaking, unconventional. While paving the way to the dispensary, the
fanciful furniture, eccentric pictures and figures draw your attention. Renowned artists have granted
their artworks to make the GreenAge club an art hub. Exhibitions, master classes, movie nights – this is
not the full list of activities that GreenAge hosts every week.

Having all the best technological equipment, stereo system, projector and a DJ desk, the club organizes
concerts, DJ sets, guitar solos, flamenco, etc. Young talented people feel here at home and are given the
opportunity to express themselves.

GreenAge is not just a local Cannabis club where tired workers come after a difficult day to smoke a
joint and have a beer. GreenAge is a certain lifestyle, a unique concept that makes you always want to
come back.

From Thursday to Sunday every week the special events are hold. Other days of the week, their
members can chill and enjoy watching movies and sport events in a warm atmosphere with free
popcorn and a joint.

Huge variety of mind-blowing weed strains is available on an everyday basis. However, we would like to
attract your attention also to the budtenders’ crew. All the budtenders of the GreenAge club are
professionals, have experience in the best Cannabis clubs of the world and speak fluently different
languages. They would help you to find your favorite strain out of dozens they have, explain the effects
and make your experience unforgettable.

A special remark from our mystery client: “Clean, extremely friendly personnel, perfect AC system”.