When you enter in Hash Oil club you feel the relaxing vibe and you will get very welcome. The club is 3 minutes away from metro, but you might want to have money on you because I did not see any ATM in the zone. Once inside you will instantly get to the chilling and relaxing mood with new and old friends.

You will see inside nice tables, led television, PlayStation, heaters, games and an awesome menu with fair prices. The wall is painted in red giving an nice and relaxing vibe. The place is kept clean by the friendly, helpful and hardworking staff. The club is low lit if you like that atmosphere, but you can always request more light if you want.

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The bar is large and for good reason, you can sit at it and enjoy the view. Regarding the music, there are great variations from chill reggae like Bob Marley to old school rap. The atmosphere is chill, good, friendly and relaxing because of a mix of friendly locals and nice tourists. The menu includes a wide variety of sativa, indica, hash, concentrates and edibles.

The internet is about the same speed as in other clubs. The club is less than one year and it has a great ventilation. The smoke is quickly going to dissipate and the air will always be fresh. It is a great journey to go there and if you live in Barcelona you should definitely visit at least from time to time and have a great time.

Also, the bathroom is clean and everything needed is present there.

Please note that this information is provided to give you an idea about the cannabis clubs in Barcelona and should not be considered to promote the use of cannabis.

For any questions you can email at contact@weedbarcelona.com.