This brightly lit association with comfy couches situated in the quiet part of the center next to Arc de Triomf is the perfect place to chill.
What makes Heavenly Buds different is its spacious feel and gorgeous interior. Good drinks and good weed are served here at standard prices.

From the moment you step in to the reception you notice the great attention to the details. Welcomed by some friendly and multi-lingual receptionists that always take their time to explain good the rules of the association and to make you feel part of the family.

HB is often cool and quiet, though it occasionally fills up with foreigner students that use to hang out here.
A large club with 3 rooms, first one with hammocks, couches and enclosed tables where you can feel VIP at no extra charge.
They also have HD Televisions with full satellite hookups, you can tune in to watch a movie, or join the other members for special sporting events. Free wi-fi is also offered!


In the second room is the bar with a full offer on the menu. Delicious healthy smoothies, tasty pancakes, space cookies and the sandwiches are also worth indulging in. Here you can have a sit at the bar, join other members at the big center table or charge your phone sitting at one of the small tables on the sides.

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The last room has foosball table, play station with 4 controllers, over 20 games and a sweet couch for you to get comfy and get ready for some serious gaming. and a nice glass table to enjoy your dab.

Here is also the dispensary with a very large menu. They always have great extractions and a lot of resins to choose from.

Lately they add to their menu a large variety of medical tinctures and 100% THC oil. It offers bongs, pipes, volcano, grinders, free papers and tobacco to use inside.

The decor is inspired by an retro style with candelabras and natural colors, but the experience is absolutely 21st century.


Please note that this information is provided to give you an idea about the cannabis clubs in Barcelona and should not be considered to promote the use of cannabis.