After visiting High Times I can definitely say that it has no competitors in Barcelona about the quality, price and the large variety of strains they offer in the menu.

Situated close to Camp Nou and not very far from Sant Station in a quiet neighbourhood makes it the perfect place to escape and relax.

The receptionist and the staff are very friendly and polite and made me feel more than welcome in the association. They all speak at native level Spanish, English and Italian.

One of the greatest things here is that the bud-tender its the owner itself, having a huge experience in marijuana culture. He can explain you everything about all the genetics that he has in the menu and if you would like to grow one of them they also have a seed house, Natural Genetics Seeds. Unique strains can be found here, with several Cannabis Cup winners: Suisse ’96, Blueberry, Candy Kush, Afghan Skunk, TNT haze, Sour Lemon, Sage’n’Lemon, Ak Cookies, Chem Cookies, Mandarine Cookies, Purple Scout, Banana Split

The only difficulty you can have here is choosing something from the large menu they have and especially when all the strains have a totally different smell and look. Most of the genetics comes from California and you can definitely see this first in the bud colours and the flavours unfelt till now in Barcelona.

I tried the two of the best sativas they have on the menu Ohio Lemon and Lemon Haze and they both felt very clean and smooth offering a beautiful happy high.

I can proudly say this association DOSEN’T have the regular hasis, BHO or any unnatural cannabis extracts working by the strict rules of associations. Here you will find instead the best ICE-O-Lator, Dry Shift, incredible wax and pure pollen like you never seen in Spain. You can be sure 100% that everything that High Times offers is clean and professionally made, here you can feel the passion of real growers.