There are more clubs with this name in Barcelona but this review is about Jammin ACCB from Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt. Located close to Placa Cataluña and famous Las Ramblas and Palau de la Musica, the Jammin smoking club has a Bob Marley/Reggae theme. A basement looking club that was obviously put together on a budget, second hand furniture, half painted, and not to many special events.

They have very few strains and the prices are to high for the quality that they offer and the cheap ambiance. I have to mention Jammin is the only club I have been where someone from the inside must manually unlock the door for incoming members; most clubs have an electric buzzer with remote openers. Let’s say they are old school.jammin-barcelona
The president is a very serious guy with long dreadlocks, you will never see him smiling thing that can make you a bit unwelcome. His wife doesn’t know much English so if you go there alone doesn’t seem very fun.
An old staircase in the back leads to the ceiling in a weird sort of dead-end, let’s say Picasso style from the last of his period. Some sections of the walls are just been left without too much improvement of the basement, concrete,bricks and some rough rock walls. Overall the structure and the furniture appear as if they’ve been collected from second hand stores.
An old pool table and Foosball are also available for the members. And of course the modern hi-definition flat screen television mounted proudly in the first lounge room that contrast with the all ‘hippie’ image that they try to offer.Jammin-smoking-club-barcelona

Please note that this information is provided to give you an idea about the cannabis clubs in Barcelona and should not be considered to promote the use of cannabis.