Relax Cannabis Club its located in what used to be known as Barcelona’s seediest area, next to Saint Antonio market, El Raval, more recent known as the heart of skaters and students area.

The next moment you step inside a purple neon light will get your attention, is from the little  grow room where you can take a look at some mothers of sativa and indica kept at 24 hours led light. Small down stairs but more room on the second floor.


Each floor make it feels like a small but warm living room. Great place to have a quick spliff, but to dark and full of tourists to stay for a long time. If would not be such a big crowd of people always waiting in the line to register or to dispense it would be a nice local atmosphere, maybe in the winter time.


The lounge area has some couches that can hold a larger group, as long as you get there first.

The menu isn’t the greatest and tends to be a lot of cheaper, more common strains – but occasionally they have something special and the prices are normally good. I probably wouldn’t stay here for long but great as first stop on an early morning.


Relax Club doesn’t have many social activities like most of the clubs do but holds acoustic concerts and DJ performance sometimes.

The internet here unfortunately is not working very well and never works upstairs, so is not the best place if you want to work or study and have a spliff.


This information is provided to give you an idea about the cannabis clubs in Barcelona and should not be considered to promote the use of cannabis.