Barcelona its getting world famous for its relaxed laws regarding recreational drugs, yet the city is anything but a hippie community of pot smokers. Cannabis consumption is legal within certain limits and only when practiced in private areas. Smoking  marijuana in public outside of your home or private cannabis clubs is illegal. You most likely see other people doing this but for your own health and safety it is better to avoid doing this.

So, how can you light up in Barcelona outside of a cannabis club without compromising your safety or breaking the law? The ideal solution is to stay in cannabis friendly accommodation. Most of the hotels and private rentals ban smoking of both tobacco and cannabis. Renting a cannabis friendly apartment will allow you to sample local treats in a safe setting from the comfort of your very own holiday home.

Booking one of our apartment is an extremely convenient choice as you can simply stay close to lots of local attractions and private clubs. You don’t have to worry about breaking any rules, getting into trouble or compromising your safety. If you want to smoke cannabis during your stay instead than book an hotel you can rent our cannabis or tobacco friendly apartments.

For moment we can offer you a cozy 2 rooms apartment with a big private terrace where you can chill admiring the magnificent view upon Barcelona.
One double bedroom and one single bedroom, separate kitchen, bathroom and 60 m square of terrace orientated to the sea.

Send us a message if you are looking to rent a 4/20 apartment.

weed barcelona club

weed barcelona club