After more then 2 years since they open Sticky Green became a legendary cannabis club in the centre area with highly potent weed and prices to match.



Situated in a area where more than a dozen clubs are open, this family association was always very strict when it comes to having new members. Many tourists are ringing the doorbell being attracted by the special entrance, a heavy wood door and a waterfall inside a window glass, leaving then disappointed wishing they had a friend inside.





On a pedestrian street two steps from the beautiful Musical Palace and Arc de Triomf, this chill spot lacks the commercialism and crowds found in more central clubs.

They have different international tasty beers, decent pipe display, and a full wood dispensary booth in the middle of the local that provides the main attraction.





Sticky Green’s staff are friendly, internet is free and the pool table can keep you there for hours. Lit with little beyond candlelight, Sticky may seem too dark at first, but once your eyes adjust, it’s a relaxing place with a private VIP air. You will remain surprised by the bathroom that has an amazing unusual design.





Their menu has more than 20 different cannabis strains and you can find yourself loosing easily half an hour smelling and delighting your eyes choosing some buds. Having a large experience in making extracts owning Sticky Dabs label it’s a good place to test the medical wax.


Weekend afternoons are animated with concerts when it’s always an active colorful atmosphere offering a proper ambiance for the members to chat and bond.



Please note that this information is provided to give you an idea about the cannabis clubs in Barcelona and should not be considered to promote the use of cannabis.