February 2018

Kyo Cannabis Club Review

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If you're in the neighbourhood of Sagrada Familia, you should take a break before or after visiting Gaudí's monument and enjoy some local cannabis and extracts. Kyo Association is the perfect place for it, open in the first day of this year , has great prices and a lot of potential. You can find the [...]

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June 2017

The Catalan Parliament approves the law that regulates the associations of cannabis

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  Barcelona, ​​June 28 - The Parlament approved today a law created by the Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) that regulates cannabis associations of consumers, as well as the cultivation and transportation of marijuana by these clubs, after a debate in the chamber over its constitutional reserve. All the groups of the Catalan Chamber have voted [...]

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May 2017

Inside the Cannabis Clubs Documentary

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Barcelona - Marijuanas New Frontier features activists, owners, workers and members of cannabis associations representing their opinions about Cannabis Clubs of Spain. The professionals in the field discuss the history and the way clubs are working, its recreational and medical aspects, and the efforts taken by the CatFAC(La Federación de Asociaciones de usuarios de Cannabis) [...]

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March 2017

Green World

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At the edge of Gracia neighborhood we found one of the largest associations in Barcelona, Green World, the newest association in the Sticky Green family. Same quality, new club. A fresh green environment inspired from nature is filling the walls. This is one of those places outside of the main tourist trap zone where you [...]

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January 2016

Top 10 countries where people search for legal cannabis use in 2015

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At the beginning of this year we collect all the information and we made a statistic about the number of visits from different countries all over the world that we had on weedbarcelona.com during the year 2015. We had 12.900 visits last year from 116 countries, most read articles were about how to join a [...]

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December 2015

Cannabis Club and Medical Marijuana Survey

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We really appreciate if you help us to complete this questionnaire on the medical and recreational use of marijuana and the cannabis social clubs of Spain. www.isondaje.ro/sondaj/407762036 We are interested in your experiences and attitudes on this issue. It is important to remember that by participating in this survey you are not taking part in [...]

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November 2015

Relax Cannabis Club Review

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Relax Cannabis Club its located in what used to be known as Barcelona's seediest area, next to Saint Antonio market, El Raval, more recent known as the heart of skaters and students area. The next moment you step inside a purple neon light will get your attention, is from the little  grow room where you [...]

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March 2015

Is weed legal in Spain?

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Under Article 368 PC, growing and selling marijuana are illegal in Barcelona. However, growing weed for medical purposes, for teaching and research is allowed in Spain. Marijuana for personal use is not considered as criminal offense but smoking it in public is considered as misdemeanor and thus, it is punishable by fines. In this case, [...]

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