October 2019

Leaf Seek Review – Weed Madrid

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Malasaña is a place where things happen. A friendly environment to the poor, middle class, and the rich. Streets adorned with coffee shops, bakeries, and vintage clothing stores. An historical square called the Plaza del dos del Mayo, which houses lively bars, and weekend market stalls graces the neighborhood with an unmatchable meeting spot. The [...]

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December 2017

Maria’s secrets – Cannabis Club Madrid

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The secrets of Maria is a non-profit association that encourages the responsible use of cannabis, in a healthy, pleasant, social and multicultural environment, where you can make new friends, share a pleasant time, hang out, and even do your office work or your University tasks. If you're wondering what kinds of members you'll find, the [...]

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Marmotafu – Weed Madrid

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Marmota Fu is an association of cannabis users, in which we can find a large number of references, in addition they also have edibles with a quality superior to most associations in Madrid, located in the Malasaña neighborhood very close to the Tribunal metro. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, with a multicultural environment where [...]

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