At the beginning of this year we collect all the information and we made a statistic about the number of visits from different countries all over the world that we had on during the year 2015.

We had 12.900 visits last year from 116 countries, most read articles were about how to join a cannabis club in Barcelona and the mistakes that tourists make when they visit the clubs.
Most visited reviews are about Arabiga Lounge Cannabis Club and Trinacria Italian Social Club, places that are not open for such a long time but they got fast a rename between the smokers worldwide.
The highest traffic on weedbarcelona’s website was recorded in August 2015.

More then half of the searches show that people are looking where to buy marijuana in a legal manner only after they arrive in Spain,  54%.
This might happen because a large number of people didn’t hear yet too many things about the cannabis clubs of Spain until they got here.
A lot of foreigners students are contacting us for more information about how to obtain a membership in one of the social clubs of Barcelona after they spend here some weeks or months finding out about the clubs later.

Second place its occupied by Italy with 13% from a total of 116 countries where people searched for marijuana in Barcelona during 2015.

Very close, with a percentage of 12% is France, most closest neighbors to Barcelona.

On the third place last year with 9.5% from a total of 12.900 visitors is Russia.

Followed by United Kingdom with a percentage of 9% of cannabis clubs searches.

United States had only 6,5%, we will se if the rate will grow this year as more and more cannabis consumers from the other side of the ocean start to visit the clubs and spread the word back home.

Germany had a high rate between the searches of legal ways of consuming marijuana in Barcelona, 5%.

Occupying the seventh place in the top countries where people were interested where you can smoke cannabis in a legal manner was Romania with 1.8%.

Also a large number of searches came from Brazil 1.5% followed very close by Switzerland that has 1.4% from the total visits.

More countries had a percentage around 1% like Sweden, Netherlands and Israel with 1.1% and Ireland, Austria and Canada with 0.8%.

We’ll see what 2016 is bringing next and how many from this countries will approve the Spanish model of consuming marijuana that everyone is embracing now, cannabis social associations.