We are here to help you connect with the best legal places where you can chill and smoke your favorite strain. Barcelona has more then 600 clubs, a big part of them are illegal, witch means that they open without the authorization to function as a cannabis social club. They are always under the risk to be closed by the authorities and they will never provide good healthy weed because nobody controls them as they don’t exist as clubs.
After seen this things that affect the members in different ways, medical after smoking cannabis that had fungus or new members found the club with the door closed the next day after they pay for the one year membership, i decided to look for the real and legal cannabis social clubs.
We want YOU to see the proper places where the owners did it for passion and not for money and even if was a long hard process they did it legal because they wish to stay always open for their members providing them good medical marijuana without odium and other microbes.
Of course we will not provide any names of the clubs that offer bad weed for their members but if you contact us on private we will inform you about the ones that are made in the true concept – friends for friends.