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Regularization of Cannabis, and Quality Control in Spain


The use and distribution of Cannabis for commercial purposes is yet to be legal in Spain. Currently, there is an ongoing struggle for the legalization of the plant by various clubs. However, if you need cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, then you can get Budget Buds and various other cannabis products from reputable dispensaries which offer good quality concentrates, and edibles. To understand the regularization and quality control of Cannabis in Spain, let’s check a bit of its history.

History of Cannabis Regulation in Spain

In the 19th and 20th Centuries, marijuana was one of the core products for Spain’s Agriculture industry and Pharmacopeia. During this time, there were Spanish communities that were much knowledgeable on the intoxication effects of cannabis than most European regions. By the end of Spain, and Morocco war of 1860, there was a lot of stereotypical information that was spread to raise awareness on the drug to the Spanish and Portuguese citizens.

Since then, there have been a lot of reforms and measures that have been put up. Some of these measures were opposed to marijuana usage while some of the changes advocated for its usage. One of these measures is Article 368 of Spain’s Criminal Code of Ethics. It explicitly states that; if one is accused cultivating, encouraging use or trades in toxic substances and drugs used purposely for psychotropic reasons, he/she will face a jail term of not less than 3 years. He will also pay a fine, which is triple, the value of the drug.

Since the passing of the rule, there have been waves of campaigns advocating for the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes. In an attempt to force the government’s hand in passing this bill, the groups behind these campaigns even tabled evidence to the President on the therapeutic benefits of marijuana. Despite these efforts, the government remained reluctant on putting in place clear guidelines on the use of this substance.

Other groups which campaigned for the legalization of therapeutic cannabis are the cancer patients association, some members of the national government, as well as municipal councils, among others.

The Cannabis Social Clubs

Due to the lack of clear direction from the judiciary on cannabis usage, different groups of people who were aware of the therapeutic benefits of marijuana resorted to creating their cannabis groups; the Cannabis Social Clubs. It’s from these groups where residents would now easily access the drug. Some of the advanced clubs even had on-site doctors and other experts with the task of providing guidance on the use of cannabis as well as offering them for the treatment needs.


The Current Quality Control and Regularization of Cannabis in Spain


Despite the efforts to fully legalize cannabis over the past decades, still one cannot confidently state whether marijuana is legal or illegal in Spain. The irony, however, is that you’ll still find people smoking this drug in open places and openly being sold in market places in the cities.

This puts the ‘legal usage of Cannabis’ concept in Spain a bit confusing compared to other European countries. This is primarily because there are no stringent laws on how to use it or where to use it. What you may know as legal today may turn out to be a significant breach tomorrow.

In 2018, Podemos, a political party in the nation, proposed certain measures on cannabis in favor of legalization of cannabis. Acceptance of these measures would have made marijuana legal in the whole of Spain. One more stumbling block; even if these measures are approved, it will take quite a long time to implement the proposed changes fully.


What’s the Current Cannabis Situation?


Note that it’s legal to order marijuana online from certified shops, but trafficking is still illegal in Spain. Those found distributing the drug can serve around three years behind bars. If you’re found to be a past offender or trafficking marijuana in large scale, the fines and punishment may be a bit harder on you. On the flipside, cultivating or even smoking marijuana for your use is 100% legal.

Smoking cannabis in private may mean smoking it on private property, at your home or not engaging in other criminal activities when using it. Buying marijuana products like seeds, and related hemp products and strains like shatter from certified dispensaries is legal. Here’s another catch though; if you decide to cultivate it on private property, it should not be openly visible to the public.

Groups of people smoking marijuana in cannabis clubs locally known as the Cannabis Social Clubs are a common sight. This trend dates back to 2015 when the Judiciary decriminalized using it in private. In most of these clubs, you’ll have to pay a membership fee to get access to their services, e.g., medical advice for cannabis for medicinal use, and supply of the substance.

You’ll also find some of these clubs only put up for recreational purposes. These clubs don’t allow foreigners, though. You must be at least 21 years of age with a Spanish passport.



Smoking weed in an open place is a criminal offense in Spain. You’re safer ordering it and then using it at home. If you take part in smoking weed in a private place be sure to maintain caution, especially if you’re a foreigner. Causing unrest for the local community may easily land you in trouble. You will also come across people smoking weed outside clubs. This is ‘somehow’ illegal. The safest bet for you always is perhaps sticking to using your cannabis at home.