Marijuana in Europe

Medical marijuana is currently legal or decriminalized in the Czech Republic, Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Possession of (small amounts of) marijuana is generally tolerated or not penalized in Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Italy, and Switzerland. While Germany has theoretically decriminalized medical marijuana, the rules are applied so stringently that it is effectively impossible to get approved as a medical marijuana patient.


Although Albania is one of Europe’s biggest producers of cannabis, the official status of (medical) marijuana in Albania is illegal. Because Albania is situated in the southeastern part of Europe, it sits close to some very good sources of cannabis, like Moroccan weed. This also makes Albanian marijuana comparatively cheap.


Technically, the use of medical marijuana is legal in Austria. However, possession, sale and growing of cannabis are prohibited by law, so public marijuana use is inadvisable. The best way to buy cannabis in Austria is simply to go to a city park and look around for a couple of likely lads, or wait to be approached by a dealer.


Cannabis use is generally tolerated, as long as you are discreet, moderate and of age. It is advisable to use cannabis only within the safety of your own home. Owning a single female plant or up to 3 grams of dry product has been decriminalized for adult growers.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cannabis is illegal in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country lies at the centre of several cannabis trade routes, but smoking or selling weed in public can get you arrested and fined or jailed. The best cities for buying (medical) marijuana are Mostar, Sarajevo and Banja Luka – ask for trava or vutra (weed) or shit (hash).


Cannabis is illegal in Bulgaria. Even small amounts are not usually tolerated by the often corrupt enforcement authorities. Tread carefully and do not import any medical marijuana into the country.


Possession of small amounts of cannabis is generally tolerated, and counts as a misdemeanour punishable by a fine.


Possession, cultivation, selling, buying and using cannabis are illegal in Cyprus, and this is heavily enforced. Expect the local police to show zero tolerance even for small amounts or indoor use. Do not take any risks and tread with care.

Czech Republic

Medical use of (prescription) cannabis has been legal since April 2013. Medical marijuana use is generally tolerated and possession of up to fifteen grams for personal use or cultivation of up to five plants is classed as a misdemeanour only. Generally speaking, the Czech Republic is pretty welcoming to medical marijuana users and as long as you are discreet and well-behaved, you are not likely to encounter problems.


Cannabis, although technically illegal, is generally tolerated in Denmark. There is a pretty strong lobby for the legalization of (medical) marijuana. Take the usual precautions of smoking in safe locations and buying from safe dealers, and you shouldn’t run into any problems. “Pusher Street” in Christiania, Copenhagen is a well-known area to buy weed.


Possession and use of small amounts of cannabis is generally tolerated. Amounts of up to 10 grams are considered to be for personal use, and punishable by a fine only. Still, it is best to keep a low profile and avoid smoking in public. Weed is relatively expensive and not very easy to come by. The best cities to look are Talinn and Tartu.


There is a medical marijuana programme in Finland, but very few people are approved and recreational use is illegal. Home grown weed is something of a national hobby – making friends with likely-looking locals is probably your best bet. As in most countries, be discreet, avoid public smoking, and hang out for a while before trying to buy. Helsinki (Synebrichoff Park), Pori and Rovaniemi are probably the best cities to buy weed.


France has a fairly enthusiastic homegrowing culture, but cannabis possession, sale and cultivation is still prohibited by law. How strictly this is enforced, depends on which specific law enforcement officer you meet, but it’s best to err on the side of caution. Weed is pretty hard to get in France, with many locals opting to take a trip to the Netherlands instead. Hash, on the other hand, is readily available. The locals call it “shit”, and sometimes it is, but you can also buy excellent quality hashish if you know where to look.

As of July 2013, certain forms of medical marijuana were made legal in France. It remains to be seen which medications become available, and how easy it will be to get a prescription.


Germany does have a medical marijuana programme, but in practice, it is very hard to be approved as a patient. Although possession of cannabis is illegal, consumption is not, and on average, law enforcement is not stringent. Berlin is an especially great place to be if you’re into cannabis. Local law enforcement is relaxed and weed is readily available. Possession of under 15 grams is generally not a prosecutable offense. It is still advisable to exercise the normal level of caution and not to smoke in public.


Although there have been several recent attempts to legalize marijuana in Greece, so far, none has succeeded. It is strongly advisable to only use cannabis indoors in Greece. Areas near the beaches are likely places for buying pot or hash.


Cannabis is illegal, although a distinction is made between possession for personal use and possession with intent to sell. A small amount of cannabis is probably safe to have indoors, but don’t smoke in public.


Marijuana is illegal and fines for possession are steep (about $500 for having a single gram). Still, cannabis is easily obtained in Reykjavik in bars and the like.


Cannabis was recently separated from other scheduled drugs and is currently regulated under a “three strikes and you’re out” law. In most cities, marijuana is easily obtained. Keep your smoking activities indoors and away from the Gardaí and you’ll be fine.


In quite a few cities, like Bologna, Firenze, Messina and Milano, cannabis is tolerated and many cops won’t mind if you smoke in public, as long as the amount you have on you is small. Still, caution is always advisable, and cannabis is officially illegal in Italy. There is some homegrowing activity, but on the whole, marijuana in bud form is rare and good quality weed can be difficult to find. Hash is readily available though, and some of it is high Moroccan quality.


Cannabis is illegal and generally of poor quality when available. Possession of less than a gram is an administrative offence, and if caught you can almost always bribe your way out. The best place to obtain marijuana is old Riga.


Cannabis is illegal in Lithuania, and this is enforced quite heavily. What marijuana is available is expensive and low quality. Best avoided.


Cannabis is illegal, but possession of smaller amounts is punishable by a fine only. Tourists should have no problems obtaining marijuana at the stations or in the local nightlife.


Tread with caution: cannabis is ilegal and this is heavily enforced. Obtaining weed is not hard, but the quality is not very good. It is mostly sold at low prices by teenagers.


Cannabis is illegal and hard to obtain in Malta. You best bet would probably to island-hop to Sicily.


As you probably know, cannabis use is tolerated in the Netherlands. Top quality marijuana (and sometimes edible marijuana products) is readily available from the hundreds of so-called coffeeshops. It’s advisable not to carry around more than 5 grams of weed at a time (the legal limit). Smoking in public is not a problem in Holland. Take your time getting to know the area you’re in and compare the offerings and prices of several coffeeshops.


Cannabis is illegal in Norway, though smaller amounts for personal use are only punishable by a fine for first-time offenders. Be discreet and behave; police officers will not bother casual users.


Poland introduced legislation in 2011 to decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis. However, officially marijuana is still illegal.


Portugal was the first country in the world to decriminalize all drugs. Although possession of small amounts is not a criminal offense, any suggestion of trafficking or selling cannabis can get you in serious trouble.


Cannabis is illegal in Romania and hard to obtain too. Do not ask around indiscriminately, as you may run into undercover police officers. Instead, get to know locals before you attempt to buy marijuana, and do not smoke in public.


Possession of under 6 grams is not a criminal offense, and cannabis is easy to buy in large cities like Moscow and St Petersburg. Caution is advised in Russia – do not smoke in public and buy discreetly. Be prepared to offer a substantial bribe (US Dollars preferred) to police officers if you get caught.


Although cannabis is illegal in Serbia, a cannabis parade takes place in their capital Belgrade each year and law enforcement is generally tolerant.


Cannabis is illegal in Slovakia, and caution is advised. It is not very hard to purchase cannabis in Slovakia.


Smoking cannabis is generally tolerated, but of course still illegal. Marijuana can be bought in Ljubljana, in Metelkova City, among other places.


Although cannabis is officially illegal, possession of smaller amounts is decriminalized, and it is in fact legal to smoke in the privacy of your home, and grow marijuana plants on private property (medical and personal use only, not for distribution). High quality Moroccan hash and good weed are readily available. The easiest place to obtain cannabis in Spain are the legal cannabis clubs where after you register as a member you can procure up to 80 grams a month.


Sweden officially takes a zero tolerance stance on cannabis. Though “street legal” in certain areas, it is still illegal to use or possess any quantity of cannabis. Look for likely-looking people in busier areas to find a dealer.


Although cannabis is officially illegal, its casual use is tolerated in many areas of Switzerland. The cantons Vaud, Neuchatel, Geneva and Fribourg have even legalized cultivation of up to 4 cannabis plants per person. Attempts to pass decriminalization laws are underway.


Cannabis is illegal and hard to obtain without being ripped off. Exercise extreme caution. If you can get to know some local people and share a waterpipe, you can experience some excellent marijuana in Turkey.

United Kingdom

(England, Scotland, Wales)

Cannabis is illegal officially, but in most areas of England, Scotland and Wales, casual and discreet use will not get you in trouble. Weed is readily available if you keep an eye out in pubs, clubs or parks.


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