About us

Who are we?

We are a team representing the Best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona. Our goal is to make people happy by connecting them with nice places heaving a relaxed environment. The clubs services also include the use of PS4, Big Screen TVs, Football matches, Pool table and also Ping Pong in the big clubs. Members are organizing poker and chess tournaments and even English and Spanish classes that anyone can participate.

Why us?

We keep you update with the Events inside the smoking clubs of Barcelona that are getting very popular lately: Live concerts, Dj sessions, Freestyle, Breakdance, Edibles Presentations, Dabs and Concentrates Testing , Art and Photografy. Of course many VIP’s and famous people from the world of cannabis and music are starting to show up on the Events Sceene of Cannabis Social Clubs of Barcelona.

FREE Service

You don’t have to pay any fee for our service to connect you with the clubs.

To become a member you have to provide a national form of ID for example drivers license, passport or national identity cards. Membership will normally be for 1 year and will require a contribution of 20 Euros which is paid to the association.

How to join?

When you arrive in Barcelona you will be invited by a personal guide to one or more of the best associations you can find. We promise you the best time and experience!
Feel free to Contact us on chat, membership form, Facebook or on Whatsapp/Viber and we will answer you in max 10 minutes.