Do you like Psychedelic music? Or even psychill and ambient? If you want something else, and curious about a true chill based place, I have good news for you… you found it! Really nice atmosphere and great staff, with a lot of events also! Did we mention they have hang drums also?

Chill Zone: Environment

Chill Zone is a musically-oriented marijuana social club with a standing policy of “We are All Family Here”. And with a diverse selection of musical instruments available for members to play, this social smoker’s club is an outstanding place to jam out with friends, relax, and enjoy the benefits of hommie atmosphere.

Even though it’s one of Barcelona’s newest cannabis social clubs, opened in 2020, the people behind the association spent years planning and meticulously developing the club and its concept.

The decoration is based on their vision, picking up the most pleasant elements for the eye and also your mind.

A pet-friendly place with a special low-level couch for your furry friend to chill too.

Chill Zone: Location

Found in Sants neighborhood, 5 minutes walking from Sants Estacio, the largest and most well-connected stations with direct trains to the airport and destinations outside of Barcelona. At just a stroke from Rambla de Brasil and the famous Camp Nou football stadium is this true close-knit social club.

Chill Zone opens at 12:00 every morning and closes at 22:00, Friday and Saturday closing is at 23:00.

Chill Zone : Atmosphere

The laid-back vibe is the first thing you’ll notice when you enter Chill Zone. The absence of windows and lighting with different colors and tones creates a moody vibe. The mix of couches and low tables make it a comfy seating space.

There’s plenty of room to relax, read a book, work on a laptop, roll a joint, sing to the hand-pan, play on the PS and hang out with your friends.

Are lots of cool prints with mandalas and ornaments that add a touch of goa vibes.

Chill Zone: Events and Extras

Making members feel at home and entertained is important, which is why they are organizing events like DJ sessions with evenings of chill-out and melodic techno/house as well, even psychedelic.
Classes of yoga and meditation and music production workshops will also be organized on a regular basis
Jamming events where you can also bring your own instrument.

Chill Zone is on a fast-track becoming one of the top cannabis clubs in Barcelona. This cannabis association wants to give something back to the community by creating an inclusive-yet-exclusive atmosphere where every member feels like part of the family.

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