The ingredient that is catching up popularity in the kitchens these days is cannabis. Apart from taking over the market around the world, the plant has been a new ingredient in the kitchen. Cannabis edibles are a healthy and fun way of consuming home-grown cannabis. You can reap the benefits of your favorite plants through the freshly baked cookies, brownies, and a lot more variety. But cannabis isn’t just another herb you can sprinkle into your pasta pot for flavors. While raw cannabis does have benefits of its own, cooking cannabis at the right temperature can be the best way of utilizing the powerful benefits of the plant. The actual benefits of cannabis are achievable after a process known as decarboxylation.


Similar to this, there are certain nuances to preparing cannabis edibles that make it potent and drool-worthy. Cannabis edibles are a discreet way of benefiting from the plant. But keeping some critical points in your mind while cooking the plant can help you retain the chemicals and cherish a healthy meal. Here are a few common mistakes in the kitchen that tends to ruin the benefits and the experience of cannabis.


  1. Jumping the Decarb process: The raw cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant are healthy and beneficial. But it is the application of heat that transforms these cannabinoids into potent ones that can aid in healing ailments and bringing various health benefits. For example, raw cannabinoids THCa and CBDa turn into THC and CBD after the process of decarboxylation. These two are crucial cannabinoids for various applications of the cannabis plant. Taking your buds through a proper stepwise decarbing process is the best way to use the plant efficiently. A simple method to decarb is to start by chopping the buds and spreading them onto a baking tray. Place them in an oven for about 45 minutes, after setting the temperature to 240 F. Remove the cooked buds, and you are now all set to whip up the rest of your recipe. There are also other ways of decarbing directly into oils etc. You can explore the best method to prepare a variety of buds you shop at Weedsmart.


  1. Not using water while infusing: Once your buds are ready, it is time to begin the infusion. Whether you wish to prepare infused oil or cannabutter, either way, it is essential to use water in the setup to ensure you do not overheat. Using water as a medium helps avoid exposing the buds or the oils to extreme temperatures and avoid burning. When you use water in the setup, the end product is well infused and also has a comfortable level of the essence and a light color. You can use a slow cooker with a water setup to infuse your oils or butter efficiently.


  1. Overdoing with cannabis: Of course, the excitement of preparing a cannabis-infused recipe is quite a lot to handle. But how much you add makes all the difference when it comes to experience. Cannabis edibles feel the best only when they blend the vast flavors with a light buzz to support it. If you add more than your recipes requires, then you are only preparing for a freakout. Also, the lipids in the oils you use are responsible for absorbing the extracts and how much cannabis is efficiently available in the recipe. So, even if you empty your entire stash, you might end up wasting money unless you can balance the ingredients. Whenever you prepare cannabis edibles, keep the 1:1 ratio of oil to cannabis in mind. It ensures that the maximum amount of the plant extract becomes available when you consume.




  1. Over grinding your cannabis: If you wish to avoid eating greasy and funny tasting goodies, then avoid grinding your cannabis into a fine powder. Cannabis buds, when extremely fine, ruin the texture. Also, the particles tend to enter your mixture even after you filter, giving a raw cannabis taste that may not be very pleasing. Grind marijuana using your hands and make sure the size of the particle is easy to make it filter through without creating much trouble. Use cloth strainers to filter out the plant from the oil to ensure there is no residue. Alternatively, you can make a small cloth pouch containing the cannabis and dip this into the oil for it to strain its essence without creating a mess. It would be best if one buy seeds online and plant indoor cannabis plants at the comfort of their home. The yield would be better and more nutrient-rich than those procured online.


  1. Adding too much oil or cannabutter: Every preparation of cannabutter or oil is different. The extent to which the plant infusion has got into the oil is always unknown. Hence do not leap baking dozens of cookies without knowing how potent your butter is. You can make a small test batch or add a few drops of the oil to any food and consume. Wait for a while and experience the effects of it completely. It will help you understand the potency of your oil, thus giving you a good idea of how much to use. Too much or too little, both can have an impact on how your recipes taste and affect your body. Hence do not skip testing your oils before you begin to cook.


  1. Balancing the spices and seasonings: If you choose to cook recipes that tend to show subtle and delicate nuances of its ingredients, especially spices and seasonings, then it is better to add little more than your usual quantity. Cannabis cooking tends to shadow intricate flavors from a recipe, which might make it slightly difficult for you to cherish the original flavors. You can additionally include flavoring ingredients and spices to your recipe that give you a little more than just the raw herbal flavors of cannabis.



Cannabis experience through inhaling and cooking is extremely different. One of the major causes of problems when it comes to cooking cannabis is not knowing the right dosage to prepare the recipe. Users tend to succumb to extreme THC levels because they added Cannabis in the same quantities as they use to smoke. Also, cannabis edibles strike late but tend to keep the high for much longer than when you smoke. Measure and start with a low dose of cannabis in the initial stages. Do not jump for a second serving if you still haven’t experienced high from the first one. Try to include some non-cannabis edibles in the mixture to ensure you do not overdose by mistake.

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