CBD (cannabidiol) has become a popular go-to compound in the health and wellness community. Over the past few years, more studies proving CBD’s medicinal and therapeutic benefits have led many to acknowledge its potential in treating a myriad of conditions. However, like other medicinal compounds, it is essential to track how much CBD you consume, especially when treating specific conditions. CBD is available in various options, including vape juice, distillate and concentrates, shatters, oils and tinctures, edibles, topical balms, and sprays, among others. Each option has its unique delivery system, and while all will deliver the active cannabinoids you seek, they do not suit all conditions. For instance, if you are using CBD to treat skin infections, topical balms and lotions are more feasible than vaping. This is also true if you have an underlying medical condition like bronchitis that makes it ill-advised to smoke, vape, or dab.


What is the right dosage for CBD?

There is no best dosage for everyone’s needs. People react to CBD differently based on a myriad of factors, including age, body weight, concentration, and potency of the CBD. Other elements that influence your dosage include the severity of the condition and mode of delivery. The delivery method, in particular, is very critical when using CBD. Vaping (or inhalation) is the most potent delivery method that results in the highest bioavailability. Oral tinctures, CBD oil, and edibles all have different bioavailability. It is recommendable to speak to your physician and decide on the best mode of delivery for your unique needs. You should also find the best quality CBD and accessories. Vaporizerchief is a great place to start when looking for high-quality CBD vape juice and vaping products.

Choosing the right dose to vape

Vaping is very potent and provides near-instant effects. It is much safer than smoking and offers a higher bioavailability, which is the amount your body can absorb and use. Experts claim that vaping has a 40% – 50% bioavailability, so if you consume 100mg through this delivery method, your body will take in 40-50 mg. However, there are various other aspects to review before finding the right dose. Some of the critical areas include:

  1. Amount of CBD in the vape

CBD vape juice comes in bottles of different dimensions, so manufacturers prefer to label the total amount of the compound rather than amount per unit. This means if you purchase a 50ml bottle containing 1000mg CBD vape juice, each ml will contain 20mg. If your vape tank can only hold 5ml of the vape juice, it will provide 100mg of CBD when full. You can also calculate the rough estimate your vaporizer delivers per puff. However, vape pens work differently, and people naturally have different draws. A standard 1ml cartridge can produce anywhere from 100 to 200 puffs, so if the cartridge contains 100mg of CBD, each puff will be 0.50mg to 1mg per puff. Some vaporizers containing CBD Oil Canada  have a puff counter you can use to determine how many puffs you have drawn from your session. This can help you plan the rest of your dose for the day. If you are vaping concentrates and distillates, make sure you determine the concentration of CBD in the product as well as its bioavailability.


Bodyweight is another crucial factor when choosing the right dosage for vaping CBD. As a general rule of thumb, the more weight you have, the more CBD you need to experience its calming effects. You will hardly consume too much CBD, considering some doctors prescribe up to 1,200mg per day for months without any serious side effects other than mild drowsiness. However, it is still recommendable to start with a lower dose and work your way upwards. If you weigh between 80 and 150 pounds, you should start with 12mg (low) before upgrading to 15mg (medium) and 18mg (high). Those who weight between 151 and 240 pounds can begin with 18mg (low) and move to 22.5mg (medium) and 27mg (high). If you weigh 250 pounds or more, you can start with 22.5mg (low) before upgrading to 30mg (medium) and 45mg (high). You do not necessarily need to up your intake of CBD as long as it is working. However, you may build tolerance over time, and it is common for vapers to adjust their dosage slightly.

         3. Condition you are treating


CBD dose will change depending on the condition you are treating as well as its severity. Although CBD is a micronutrient you can integrate into your daily diet or workout regimen, it is still essential to treat it as a drug. CBD dosage varies depending on what you are treating. Some conditions, such as epilepsy, require higher doses than mild pain or appetite disorders. It is advisable to consult your doctor about the correct dose for your condition. However, the rule of thumb is to take between 200 and 300mg for epilepsy and seizures, 40 to 300mg for social anxiety, 40 to 160mg for sleep disorders, and 2.5 to 20mg for chronic pain. Unfortunately, these doses are for oral CBD, which has a lower bioavailability than vaping. As such, it is recommendable that you start with a lower dose or find vape products that specify bioavailability. Alternatively, you can reverse calculate the right dose using the right bioavailability. For instance, 200mg edible CBD with a 5% bioavailability delivers 10mg. You get the same 10mg from vaping 20mg CBD at 50% bioavailability.


Choosing the right dosage for vaping CBD is all about determining the concentrations your body absorbs from the products you use. This requires understanding your body chemistry, bioavailability, and the total amount of CBD available in any vaping product. While the above doses are standard in the wellness community, everyone has unique needs. It is essential to discuss with your physician, especially if you are under other medications or have an underlying medical condition. CBD has fewer counteractions and is mostly safe. Nonetheless, you should ensure you choose high-quality, safe CBD from credible, reputable retailers. Also, select premium vaporizers and other accessories for the best experience.



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