Ice Wolves – A cannabis club initiated by a group of friends, who share the same passion

Ice Wolves is a cozy cannabis club based in Barcelona in Eixample Left, very close to Hospital Clinic. Popularity of Ice Wolves is increasing along with time, especially due to the outstanding experiences that this club offer. When you walk into IceWolves club, you will be provided with a warm welcome. This can set the tone for you to get an outstanding experience at the end of the day.

Concept behind Ice Wolves

Ice Wolves a great cannabis club in Barcelona that was initiated by a group of friends and you feel that inside. They shared the passion towards cannabis and wanted to express that to the world. That’s the reason why they went ahead and initiated the Ice Wolves club. Along with that, these groups of friends are looking forward to invite others who share the passion. In other words, any person who loves cannabis can take a look at Ice Wolves and come here to get the best possible experience offered.


The way how name of Ice Wolves originated is quite impressive as well. In fact, the name was born from a pun on one hand “Los Lobos”. It refers to a group of codes, similar to the friends who initiated the club. In the meantime, they wanted to have the term “Ice” because all of them were lovers of Iceloator. That’s where they decided to go ahead and create the name Ice Wolves.

Interior of Ice Wolves

As mentioned earlier, Ice Wolves is a cozy cannabis club that is based in Barcelona. You will be able to find comfortable seating spaces throughout the club. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable time while you are here in the club. There is dim lighting throughout the club, which delivers a perfect atmosphere to enjoy. On the other hand, you can also find a pool table. You can play a good game of pool while you are spending your time in the Ice Wolves club. Everything is designed perfectly well to help you with enjoying your stay to the maximum.

Once you walk into the Ice Wolves club, the very first thing you will notice is its breadth. In fact, it has a large living room, a high ceiling and a lot of seats. You will be provided with plenty of space and comfort to relax within the club. Along with that, you can also get a family space in this cannabis club. The industrial space has a fresh design to complement the people who share the passion towards weed Barcelona.

What can you experience in Ice Wolves?

Ice Wolves offers a variety of high quality products to the guests. Therefore, you will be able to get the best weed Barcelona while you are spending your time in the club. Along with that, you can find a lot of options to entertain yourself during the time that is being spent within the club. You are also provided with the chance to come into Ice Wolves with your skateboard or bike and enjoy the time.

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