Organic Oz is one of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona that you are yet to hear of. This smoking association is located in the upscale district at the edge of Gracia and El Guinardo neighborhood.
Over the years, this cannabis social club has been able to maintain its privacy and exclusivity because of its remote location. Located in a discreet place, it however has notable places within its vicinity that draws attention to it.

This association was opened more than two years ago by an Australian couple. The couple saw the need for a place that has never been before. They envisioned a club that on seeing tells you “I’m different.” Now, this club gives off a vibe different from other local clubs around. A stroll into the place and you will have an atmosphere that is more relaxed, chilled and friendly.

This club has gained the respect of the locals around as a nice association. The club ensures it abides by the rules and laws of the neighborhood where it is located.
Organic oz is a place like no other. It’s a unique club where their main philosophies are the cultivation of medicinal cannabis with exclusively organic methods.
With its super high visitor-friendly atmosphere, at the same time, Organic Oz provides her members with a high level of customer service. Their service is topnotch with no barriers. Here, we have beautiful young ladies as workers in the club. They are  majorly friendly Brazilians. The staff is also multilingual poised to take care of your orders and to make your stay a memorable and stress-free one.

This is also a perfect place to hangout for not just the cannabis for it’s also a great opportunity to make friends.

How Organic Oz Looks

When you talk about looks and decorations, know that Organic Oz has a beautiful aesthetic design and is artfully furnished.
For anyone looking for a place to relax and do anything whatsoever, this is a place they just have to be. The infrastructure of the place is second to none and the interior décor adds more credence to this. Everything is indeed classy and well furnished.

Just this year, photos with the girl members of the club were taken. A collection of all these photos was made on women’s day and the clubs walls were beautified giving an additional alluring look to the place.
This place offers lots of board games, TV, pool tables and table tennis option as well as other recreational activities. So, this is the best place you could be looking for. For a jolly time with friends to come and stay, this is a highly recommended place as it’s not just restricted to just dropping in for a refill.

Services they offer

Like earlier mentioned, this is a place that you haven’t seen before. Organic oz has many products that are made available to her members. These products are all 100% natural with no additives.
There are over 25 varieties of cannabis and extractions. There exists here better range of products than what you’ll get elsewhere. These products include the Automatics, Sativas, Indica, CBD rich products and many others. All of them are without chemicals of any kind and are full of flavor and taste. They can be smoked or used for any purpose and they will give the desired result.
Organic oz is also customer service oriented. When it comes to health and well-being of its members, free consultations are available. This is however only restricted to its members exclusively.

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