Smoke Signals is one of the recently opened cannabis clubs in Barcelona. Due to the same reason, you must be wondering what this new club is all about. That’s where we got exited in compiling this review, so that you can get a better overall understanding about the cannabis club and move forward with getting what is offered by them.

The environment of Smoke Signals?

Smoke Signals is located in the center of Barcelona, Urquinaona metro stop. Therefore, you will never find it as a difficult task to access it. This cannabis club has a nature inspired décor in the interiors. Therefore, you will be able to get a perfect positive impression from the moment you walk inside.


Two girls are working at Smoke Signals, they can speak both English as well as Spanish. The girls are really nice and helpful. They can help you to get a perfect experience at the cannabis club as well. Therefore, you will fall in love with the time that you are spending in here.

Smoke Signals has a relaxing environment as well. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy spending your time in the club while keeping the peace of mind. The club has a beamer for live sports and movies. On the other hand, there is a comprehensive sound system, which can offer chill beats. You can even take part in cannabis themed events in this club.


There are drinks and snacks offered in the vending machines located around the club. The space available inside Smoke Signals is relatively small, but it can deliver a cozy experience to you. There is a PlayStation available at Smoking Signals that you can play on it during the time you spend chilling here.



Open hours of Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals is open in all seven days of the week. The club opens its doors at 11am in the morning and you can enjoy your time in there until 11pm in the evening. If you are interested in enjoying spending your time inside this club in center of Barcelona, you are encouraged to visit during the morning hours. That’s because not too much of people come to the club during morning hours. Hence, the morning hours are ideal for chilling and studying as well. However, Smoke Signals club becomes quite busy after 7pm in the evening. Depending on your preferences, you can plan the right time of the day and come to the club.


Cannabis selection at Smoke Signals

This smoking club in Barcelona offers the highest quality assortment of hash and weed, over 20 different strains of great quality. You will be impressed to see the selection and it can make you fall in love with the club. You will never have to look for another club after you visit Smoke Signals.


Now you have a clear understanding about what Smoke Signals is all about. If you are looking for a cannabis club in the center of Barcelona, you can go ahead and feel the become a member form.

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