We are all different. Throughout life we learn what we like and what not. Each person has their own way of doing things. The same goes for weed smokers. To each his way with his trick.

When you meet your friends at a spliff, giving a lash to others and you’ll see that each has its own style.

The 10’th type of smokers are:

1. Paranoid

Paranoid is aware of everything that moves. They always ask: Why is everyone looking at me? I laughed too much? What should I say? Chill man everything will be fine! The painting on the wall you do not do anything bad!



This type of smoker has two hands left” and causing panic around him. The only solution to this is smoking bong bong hidden since the appearance of, nobody wants to see the wonder of bong in his hands. Risk you run without it! 

3 The inventor

A great smoker! This type of smoker always comes up with ideas and techniques to get broken. They make their own pipe, bong and other inventions! A pleasure to be around it.


4. The chemist

The chemist does not complicate the grass, he loves pure extracts of grass! He has his own laboratory, a true scientist. THC chemist will blow your head!

5. Celebrity

This type of smoke, not the smoker. Talk or brag about how good the weed is and how he breaks the tricks but has no idea how weed tastes like. Do all this just for show, because makes him more successful.

6. The coach

Coach always involves in unknown stuff. Do not miss any opportunity to try something new, to have that story and learn to turn on the new sport“.

7.The veteran

This type of smoker deserves our applause and gold medal! An older, former hippie and lover of Marijuana. Enjoy every smoke, is wise, and take advantage of every moment of life. He created the art to smoke weed!

8. The cheater

This type of smoker try to smoke as much he can, so after he pass the joint he standup and find something to do and then he is not turning back to his place but were the bong goes.

9. The negatvist

Always lying to himself that he quits smoking. Find all sorts of reasons, that at his job you can not go smoking or that his girlfriend leaves him if he is smoked, and even that he is too tired. The trouble with this guy is that he does not want to believe he is a stoner“! Dude, you like weed, so quit donkeys, be chill, light up your splif and not eat shit!


10.The Egoist

Beware of this type of smoker! He always tries to get your attention to something interesting and look” longer pass the bong. May smoke a little… story telling  more tragically… still smoking, another lie… until you wake up, bong only he‘s smoking! Man,pass the joint let the bullshit!

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