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The Main Things You Need to Know about Barcelona's Cannabis Clubs

First of all you need to know that the Spanish drug laws cannot reach into homes and other privately-owned spaces, the reach of the state’s drug policy is limited to public space. Consume your medicine inside your home or in the cannabis social clubs, NOT on the street, hotels or hostels.

The controversial issues are that police are allowed to determine if what you are doing is personal or if it is meant for distribution, which is illegal. So avoid smoking and dealing on the street you can have big problems.

To obtain cannabis in Barcelona in the best and safest method is to become a registered member of a private Cannabis Social Club also known as a Social Cannabis Association.

In order to join a cannabis club in Barcelona you need to provide a valid ID (identity document/passport/NIE) to prove you are a legal adult. The clubs are private, you cannot just walk in and join. You need to be invited by a current member of the club, and you need to fill an application and pay a registration fee wich can vary between 10 and 40 euros depend on the club. But regular is 20 euros to join the club for one year. DO NOT go at the private club without being invite by another member they will NOT let you enter.

Inside, don’t forget you are NOT buying and selling nothing, everything that you pay it's a CONTRIBUTION for what it costs to grow the marijuana and for the building space and other facilities, utilities. That is why inside you will find that all the drinks and snacks are 1 or 2 Euros. And the prices for the weed are from 6 Euros per gram till 12.

DON'T GO to turistical clubs that tax you around 20 euros per gram and 40 Euros at the entrance just becouse they are close to LAS RAMBLAS and have a rename and some fake good reviews.

And note that are around 300 clubs only in Barcelona, it’s a large variety of places. Some of them are only an office with no place to seat, other are big houses with projectors, play-station, pool tables and other social activities that you even could imagine.

Respect the rules of the clubs that are most of the time posted in the reception of the club and always respect the NEIGHBORS in the area keeping in mind that this is a chill place not a bar, pub or dance club.