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Become a member of our Private Cannabis Social Clubs

To apply for membership, prospective members need to complete our online application form below or contacting us on the Online Chat, WhatsApp or via e-mail. And relax take a breath someone will reply as soon as possible

Who can become a member?

Medical and recreational cannabis consumers, Spanish or foreigners who are at least 18 years old can become members in Weed Barcelona Cannabis Social Clubs (Persons who are not cannabis consumers are not welcome in our collaborators clubs. This rule does not apply for patients who have a medical declaration or subscription from a physician or doctor. We don't want to encourage anybody to start using cannabis. We believe that if one chooses to use cannabis, as an adult and in a responsable way, we can make sure this can happen in a as healthy and safe as possible way whitout causing any disturbance to anybody.
Before applying inform yourself. "Please read all the information we post on the website about the Cannabis Social Clubs". We value this highly since it is important for the well functioning of our cannabis social club partners and the satisfaction of the needs of our members.